Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17--Tea Party From A Doll's View Point

I treasure the American Girl tea parties I have with Hanna. I know all too soon they will be memories. She goes all out to plan and prepare for them--handmaking menus, setting the table perfectly and getting all dressed up. I love the way she innocently spelled herbal:-). So sweet.

*When Hanna saw this picture she said, "Wow! I've never seen a tea party from a doll's point of view before!". I thought that was such a neat way to "see" this picture.*


Tracy said... cute!!!!

Love the kiss!

Christy said...

This is so sweet. I think it is wonderful that she enjoys preparing and having tea parties with you. Hold on to that innocence and cherish every minute!

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

aww that is so sweet! what great times! you and her will treasure the tea parties for ever

Katie said...

that is adorable! love the vintage feel to this!

Anonymous said...

What a great shot! Sorry I've missed you in the project so far... finally catching up to the newer ones!

Isabel said...

What a sweet memory. I'll have to do this with my girls. They would love it and it would be nice to sit and have some tea with them (and slow down).