Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Pics With My Camera

I have decided to begin a blog strictly for pictures I take as I learn how to use my new camera and some basic photography techniques, and for my digital scrapbook pages. I had been contemplating a new blog for my digital scrapbooking for some time now, and now that I am interested in learning a little about picture taking I thought it would be better to separate my pics and pages from our family stuff. I know everyone doesn't want to see every object I photograph and page I scrapbook:-). I hope you enjoy watching me learn and have fun with my new hobbies! I know I am!!

Jamie's parents got me a new camera for my birthday. I've wanted a new camera for a while to take better pictures, and thank them for this gift! It will be well used!!

On my morning exercise route I pass by lots of flower beds that are really pretty. I decided to drive over yesterday evening and try out the macro mode on my camera.

pink flower

purple flowers

red flower

We went to Joe's favorite park again yesterday. I got some good pictures of him and Jack while we were there.

smiley joe

sweet jacks profile

Joe brought this tiny flower bud to me while at the park and said, "You can take a picture of this, Mama". I thought it would be nice to have his sweet little hands that picked it in the background of this picture.

little flower picked by joes sweet hands