Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47--Feathers

Whenever I see feathers of any sort I can't help but think of Hanna and Joe, because they are often bringing them to me to keep as a treasure. I have so many feathers in my treasure box.

When I saw this tiny feather blowing in the breeze today, I went back in and grabbed my camera to take a quick picture. I had felt particularly short on patience all morning and seeing this feather--as odd as this may sound--brought such sweet memories flashing in of Hanna and Joe. It put the day in proper perspective for me.


Christy said...

That is nice. My poor kids are deprived; I won't let them touch feathers because I am too afraid of the germs.

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

I love that they have a treasure box for all the treasures and little feathers! :)

Beth said...

Isn't it amazing how sometimes it is the small things that can change our attitude!

Love the treasure box idea!!

Benson Family said...

We've had several feathers in our house lately. They usually come in when the kids are gathering eggs outside.