Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 54--Snug As A Bug

I found Joe reading this morning. He often gets up before any of us and goes on into our family/school room to watch TV or play. This morning he was curled up on the couch with Ted under a blanket reading a dinosaur book. He looked so content and so cozy. He was proud to tell me that he'd already "read" 40 pages:-).


Christy said...

That is a very sweet photo. I love to capture my kids reading (even when it's "reading")too.

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

such a sweet picture! syd always tells me mommy i've read 33 pages (all the time) what is it with 33?

That is great he was reading a book to his Teddy, and he looks so cozy!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this picture! my girls are always doing the exact same thing!