Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Organizing Photos, Udating Home Albums & Blog Books

I've decided I will not be posting a photo a day any longer. I am going to continue with Project 365, but in a different fashion.

Becky, a lady who is heavily involved in Project 365 (she actually calls it Project Life) and makes/sells albums just for these photos, has an awesome scrapbook kit--digital and "real" format. I am going to purchase her "real", not digital, version of the Project Life Kit. It comes with every conceivable material to make a really nice, archival quality scrapbook of a year's worth of pictures.

I went through all of my 2009 photos online today and ordered 365 of them for an album. I also ordered Becky's Project Life Kit. I will organize these 365 photos of 2009 into this album when they both arrive.

I have loads of picture albums from the last 10 years. From here on out instead of having so many albums each year, I will do this one album using Becky's kit (or one similar to it), and continue making a blog book using blurb for each year as well. I think this will be the simplest way for me and make the most sense economically too.

I'll post Becky's Project Life Kit and my 2009 blog book when I finish them. I'm just happy to finally have a system for my blog, and my physical photos that will work for me!

From here on out, this blog will be for unique photos, the tutorials I will continue to do each week and hopefully some digital scrapbooking in the near future.