Saturday, April 10, 2010

Before and After

I played around some more with pictures from our Easter train ride.  Here is the original:


Here it is using Abby’s Less Direct Positive preset:

AbbyLessDirectPositive (1 of 1)

Coffeeshop Scorched Honey:

CoffeeshopScorchedHoney (1 of 1)

PW Colorized:

One more before and after of some daffodils at the zoo a few weeks ago.  Here is the original:


Here they are using Abby’s IR Flavor:

AbbyIRFlavor (1 of 1)

*PW and Coffeeshop presets can be found and downloaded at The Pioneer Woman and Coffeeshop blog links in my sidebar.  Abby presets can be found **here**.  All presets are free to download.*