Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Silly Face

I thought one of Joe’s silly face pics would be fun to play around with using some different looking presets.  Here is the original.  He is so silly—just like his daddy:-).


Here it is using Auto Correct first, and then Abby’s Hikey LoSat preset.  This is my favorite.  I like the brightness of the face contrasted against the fence in the background.

AbbysAutoCorrectHikeyLoSat (1 of 1) 

And, here it is using Abby’s Gritty Exposure.

AbbysGrittyExposure (1 of 1)

Both of these were edited in Lightroom using free presets found *here*.  Can you tell I’m obsessed with Lightroom?!  Don’t worry, there will be plenty more:-).


Christy said...

He looks so much like Jamie when he makes silly faces!

Jenny said...

I love these! Do you have to pay for Lightroom?