Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Biltmore View

I took lots of pictures at Biltmore House when we were there a couple weeks ago.  You could spend days taking pictures at Biltmore and still not be done.  It’s so beautiful.  I took this picture from one of the balconies on the side of the house.  This is the original.


I wanted to see what I could do to brighten the sky a little and make the colors pop more—make it look more like it did to the eye that day.  Here’s what I came up with.  I edited all pics in Lightroom.  On this one I used Sky Effects Deep Blue Something, followed with Modern Dsat + Reds and topped it off with Modern HDR Enhance.

firstversion (1 of 1)

I played around with this picture a little too much.  Here are several more edits.  I used all of the above and added NYSM-NYKF Subdued to this one.  The trees and ground have a little more detail than the first edit.  I like the sky better above, but landscape better below.

secondversion (1 of 1)

On this one I used all that I did in my very first edit and added Abby Hikey LoSat.  I adjusted the exposure a bit too.  I love the greens in this picture.  You don’t even notice the greens in any of the pics above. 

thirdversion (1 of 1)

Finally, on this last one I used all of the edits from my first and finished it off with Abby Gritty Exposure.   It looks like there’s a thunderstorm rolling in to me.

fifthversion (1 of 1)

Can you tell I’m having way to much fun with Lightroom?!

And, here they all are for side by side comparison.


**All of the presets I used were downloaded *here* at Presetting Lightroom's 180+ Free Presets Collection from flickr.com.**


Anonymous said...

Wow - the edits really change the picture, don't they. I'm not sure which I like best!

Anonymous said...

great pictures! what a pretty place!

Jamie said...

See! You are doing a great job! They look uh-mazing! I knew you would LOVE LR!!!! :)

Jenny said...

Um, hello! I need Lightroom!!